iSELF Conference

(International Students Entrepreneurship and Leadership Forum)

The iSELF conference is an initiative started by a student organization at University of Toronto, Global Oriental Vision (GOVision). We are committed to helping international students adapt to their new environment in Canada.

Each year, there are over 90,000 international students arriving in Canada to begin their studies, and they are facing great uncertainty about Canadian culture, schools, businesses and future career. By establishing a communication platform that also engages local students and professionals, we aim to eliminate the barriers these students face in achieving their dreams.

Created with this goal in mind, iSELF conference will be a unique experiential event that will help students discover their passion and direction, and empower all participants with the tools they need to create their future. The conference is open to students from all backgrounds, with a focus on international students, and has a capacity of 120 people.