GOVision is dedicated to building a platform of communication for international students and to facilitating information exchange and experience sharing among international students, industry experts and the government. This year, our group will bring a big gift for all international students in Canada, which is our upcoming event— GOVision Annual Gala.

GOVision takes this opportunity to create an intimate ambiance for our members and supporters to enjoy, and at the same time recognize their commitments and efforts in connecting international students with their local society and with each other. With over 320 participants expected at the event, the gala will also provide the opportunity to strengthen the bond between your brand and international students and to practice your communication and interpersonal skills.

During the gala, all participants will have opportunities to communicate face-to-face with more than 240 delegates and 60 industry professionals. This provides a platform for international students to present themselves in front of different professionals, and increase their possibilities to find satisfied jobs.

The gala is largely a gift, therefore, take it!